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Zhuhai Sailner 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise under Saina Technology that focuses on the development of additive manufacturing technology and application solutions. The self-developed WJP white ink filling technology can achieve full-color, multi-material, voxel-level 3D printing effects, and is widely used in digital medical, education and training, industrial design and other fields.

Sailner WJP white ink filled 3D printing technology, its basic principle is similar to inkjet printing technology, every time a thin layer of photosensitive resin is printed out, it is quickly cured by ultraviolet light, and every time a layer is printed, the machine forming tray is extremely accurate Descend, while the sprinkler continues to work until completion.

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Sailner WJP Technology


    D450 Series/D451 Series

    Based on Sailner WJP technology, the desktop series 3D printers makes the manufacturing process more efficient with the rotating building platform.

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    J401 Series/J501 Series

    Drive productivity and customization. Transform the lives of patients. Improve safety and patient care. We deliver cost-efficient, patient-specific surgical planning models, clinical guide prototypes and so on using full-color and multi-material 3D printing technology.

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    J300 Series/J400 Series

    Produce quality parts and functional prototypes and reach across multiple disciplines within your institution from engineering to fashion design. Forge new ways to collaborate with full-color, functional parts printed using our industrial 3D printers.

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    Post-Processing 3D Printed Parts Surface Finishes

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Applications by Industry

  • Education
  • Medical

Prepare the workforce of tomorrow to embrace additive manufacturing. Universities and trade schools are at the forefront of evolving the culture and design of production, particularly those with specialties in engineering, technical, design disciplines.

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The medical industry is one of the pioneers of additive manufacturing. Our solutions have been applied in surgical planning, clinical training, medical device prototyping and so on. Additive manufacturing has allowed this industry to increase patients quality of life around the world.

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