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Using water-sand mixture jets to quickly and conveniently perform 3D printing model support removal and surface treatment

  • Function: support full-color printing, transparent printing

  • Specifications: 2 sets of print heads, using rainbow runway 3D printing technology, effective printing area up to 1512cm2

  • Material: 6 kinds of materials are mixed, the overall cost is lower

Technical Reference

Basic configurationDetailed introduction
Equipment dimensions:740*700*1580mm(±2mm)
Model window size:440*460mm(±2mm)
Internal dimensions of the box:700*600*540mm(±2mm)
Glass window size:450*250mm(±2mm)
Intake interface specifications:φ10-φ6.5mm
Water inlet specification:φ19-φ15mm
Drainage interface specifications:φ25-φ23mm
Machine configurationDetailed introduction
Operation port size:Inner diameterφ125mm(±5mm)
Rated air pressure:0.6-1.2MPa
Rated capacity:600-800L/Min
Sand (mesh):Brown sand 60 mesh
power supply:200VAC 50HZ
Detailed parameter download

Material recommendation

  • SUP series
    The materials are support materials, including standard support materials, alkali-soluble support materials, and hot-melt support materials, which provide support for the molding material during the printing process.
  • Medical series
    The materials are medical materials, including dental and biocompatible materials, which can be used in dental and medical guides.
  • FXL series
    The material is a flexible material, including transparent, cyan, magenta, yellow, white, black and other 6 colors, which are divided into standard flexible materials and super soft flexible materials, which can be printed with models of different hardness and functional simulation.
  • ABS series
    The material is ABS-like material, including 6 colors, including transparent, cyan, magenta, yellow, white, and black. It has excellent overall performance and can be used for functional color prototype printing.
  • RGD series
    The material is a universal hard material, including 6 colors of transparent, cyan, magenta, yellow, white, black, etc., which can be applied to the printing of conventional models such as high transparency and full color.

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