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Introduction to Department Application

The head is one of the most complex parts of the human body. Its environment is complicated and slender. In the reality that neurosurgery is difficult to implement, based on patient data obtained from medical examinations such as CT, with the help of Senna WJP direct-injection color multi-material 3D printing Technology, 3D printed a colorful, transparent, soft and hard model before surgery, clearly showing the anatomical position relationship between the lesion and the intracranial arteriovenous skull, facilitating the separation of intraoperative lesions and avoiding damage to intracranial blood vessels, thereby minimizing Surgery damage, improve the accuracy of the operation, help the smooth implementation of the operation.

Detailed case

Apply for a hospitalSun Yat-sen University Cancer HospitalPatient conditionSWJ, 40 years old, female
Condition descriptionThe patient had a headache for more than two months and was visually impaired. The local hospital found a brain tumor and there were intracranial arteries around the tumor. Surgical treatment is recommended.
Surgery difficultiesThe arteries are surrounded by tumors, and part of the arteries are surrounded by tumors. This makes the blood vessels surrounded by the tumors known in the heart during the operation and carefully cut in pieces. Controlling the blood supply artery of the tumor as early as possible during the operation and protecting the important blood vessels and nerves is the key to the success of the operation.
Treatment programsWith the help of a full-color 3D printing model, micro craniotomy is used to excise the lesion and free the blood vessels around the lesion.
advantageSaina's full-color transparent 3D printing model clearly shows the positional relationship between tumors, blood vessels, and nerves, helping doctors to more accurately separate tumors and surrounding blood vessels during surgery.

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