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Introduction to Department Application

In rehabilitation treatment cases, such as fracture treatment, whether surgery is required or not, it is necessary to externally fix the affected area with plaster or splint. Print on-demand with the full-color multi-material 3D printing technology of WJP direct-injection droplet jetting from Saina Technology Rehabilitation fixation aids with different hardnesses are developed to correspond to different rehabilitation cycles and achieve customized and precise treatment effects.

Detailed case

Apply for a hospitalRehabilitation and Plastic Surgery Hospital of Southern Medical UniversityPatient conditionChen Zirui Male 3.5 years old
Condition descriptionOne and a half year old accidentally suffered extensive burns on the upper, lower limbs and ears. After the skin grafting treatment, the scar tissue proliferation was serious. Wearing a full-body pressure garment to suppress the scar hyperplasia, the structure of both ears is complicated, and there is no effective way to prevent hyperplasia.
Surgery difficultiesThe ear structure is complicated, and there is no suitable and effective rehabilitation brace.
treatment planScanning equipment to collect data, data reverse processing and reconstruction, orthosis design, post-printing processing, and wearing.
advantageIt fills in the gap of scar hyperplasia that cannot be controlled by ear burns. 3D printing is personalized and precisely customized to precisely control scars without irritating damaged tissues.

Application scenario

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