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Introduction to Department Application

According to the patient’s CT or MRI scan data, use dedicated modeling software to complete the 3D model reconstruction, and print out the color, soft and hard combination of the patient’s bone lesions and injuries through the Senna WJP direct-injection color multi-material 3D printing technology. Print the model. Clearly and intuitively help doctors formulate surgical plans, complete surgical process planning, and assist in the design of personalized surgical instruments, which greatly reduces the occurrence of emergencies in the clinical operation stage and shortens the operation time.

Detailed case

Apply for a hospitalGuangdong Provincial People's HospitalPatient conditionHe Moumou female 9 years old
Condition descriptionWeakness of lower limbs, falls for more than 7 months, aggravated in late April and December, there is no obvious cause of weakness of lower limbs; unable to stand or walk on their own in February of the following year, X-ray and CT examinations suggest possible neurogenic tumors; income in Guangdong in June Provincial People's Hospital.
Surgery difficultiesBased on two-dimensional CT images, doctors have a relatively abstract grasp of the position, size, and shape of the patient's collateral vessels, making it difficult to accurately determine the specific conditions of the collateral vessels. During the operation, the patient is unable to carry out its own blood circulation, so it is necessary to perform extracorporeal circulation on the patient. The longer the extracorporeal circulation, the higher the postoperative complication rate and the overall risk. There are many complications in the operation, including but not limited to breathing. Functional impairment, brain damage, etc.
treatment planWith the help of full-color 3D printing models, the size and shape of the tumor and the surrounding important tissue structure surrounding and invasion are restored 1:1, combined with multiple departments for preoperative surgical planning, and 3D models are used for navigation during the operation to remove the lesions.
advantageSoft red: artery Soft blue: veins Soft green: tumor Hard white: bony tissue Through the full-color 3D printing model combined with hardware and software, doctors can clearly and intuitively determine a personalized surgical plan. Reduce the risk of surgery, know the distribution of large blood vessels near the bone tumor, and avoid the possibility of hemorrhage during surgery.

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