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Introduction to Department Application

In urology cases, color and transparent 3D printing models based on patient data obtained from medical examinations such as CT scans can be used to accurately and clearly mark different tissues in different colors, helping doctors accurately grasp the blood supply relationship between lesions and normal tissues. The doctor can simulate the surgical scene to the greatest extent before the operation, accurately evaluate the diseased condition, and plan the surgical path, so as to maximize the removal of the tumor while retaining the normal function of the organ, which can more effectively reduce the damage to normal tissues. lowest.

Detailed case

Apply for a hospitalSun Yat-sen University Cancer HospitalPatient condition45 years old IT industry
Condition descriptionKidney tumor is about 9cm long
Surgery difficultiesIt is recognized internationally that renal tumors below 4 cm can be routinely removed and kidney tumors are preserved; for kidney tumors of 7 cm to 10 cm, only a few doctors in very few hospitals can protect the kidney after sufficient communication with a very small number of patients who can agree with the plan. Many hospitals indicated that the entire right nephrectomy was required.
treatment planThe preoperative 3D imaging simulates all the details of the kidney tumor to help plan the surgical path; during the operation, the Da Vinci robotic arm is used to perform B-ultrasound exploration with a special probe, and precise blood vessel block, tumor resection, and wound suture are performed according to the planned path ; There is also real-time monitoring of lesions through the 3D model "perspective eye".
advantageDifferent colors distinguish the relationship between tumors and normal tissues, as well as the surrounding blood vessels, to help doctors plan the surgical path before surgery, accurately remove the tumor, and preserve the patient's kidney function.

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