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Construction of training center

The training center is the basis for the construction of the curriculum system, an important guarantee for the effective connection of professional curriculum content and job skill standards, and an important carrier for training students' job skills. Starting from the training goal of intelligent manufacturing professionals, build a real practical training situation, supporting desktop and industrial full-color multi-material additive manufacturing equipment and corresponding professional course resources.

Innovative intelligent full-color multi-material additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology training center

  •  Deeply integrate the characteristics of the demand for digital skills talents in the upstream and downstream industry applications in the fields of additive manufacturing

  •  Combining the professional construction and development background of vocational colleges and the technological advantages of Saina

  •  Provide construction plans for the overall planning of the training center construction, functional construction, teaching development, industry-university-research-innovation project cooperation, etc.


  •  The training center solution is a set of new practical training teaching methods for industrial design, mechanical design, art design and other professional directions in vocational colleges to cultivate high-quality 3D digital creativity, design, and 3D printing technology.

  •  It has teaching functions such as handheld 3D scanning, 3D design, professional-level 3D printing, post-processing technology training and creative work display, science exchange, conference seminars, etc.

  •  Break through the pain points of traditional teaching, meet real-time guidance, group cooperation, course observation, and promote the development of 3D printing training and education.

Training zone

  •  Digital design training room: 3D scanning, measurement, 3D design, modeling

  •  Digital additive manufacturing training room: FDM, WJP printing

  •  Surface process treatment training room: sandblasting, finishing, polishing

Cooperation Case

Tsinghua University iCenter-Senna Technology Advanced Additive Manufacturing Technology Joint Research Center

Saina and Tsinghua University Basic Industry Training Center established Tsinghua University iCenter—Saina Science and Technology Advanced Additive Manufacturing Technology Joint Research Center to jointly promote the construction of additive manufacturing and related courses, and provide Tsinghua students with a full range of creative innovation realization services.

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