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With the goal of accelerating technology transfer, promoting the use of advanced technology to transform and upgrading traditional industries, accelerating the development of high-tech industries, and optimizing and adjusting the industrial structure, we strive to promote the integration of school technology, talent, information and other resources with the additive manufacturing industry and key enterprises in the industry , While realizing the sharing of science and technology resources, it can also realize many functions such as the release of scientific and technological achievements, the release of authorized patents, the release of technical requirements, resource management, and technology management. With the cooperation mode of "complementary advantages and resource sharing", we will jointly carry out research on additive manufacturing technology combined with multi-field application projects, including conceptualizing topics, establishing topics, enriching professional knowledge, searching and reading literature, writing academic papers, and submitting manuscripts to promote the school , Enterprise, and science tripartite collaboration innovation, collaborative education.

Cooperation Case

Fuzhou University-Saina 3D Medical Printing Joint Laboratory

With the "United Laboratory" as the medical 3D printing scientific research platform, and Saina as the platform for the industrialization of scientific research results, the two parties cooperate to carry out medical rehabilitation, medical education, bioengineering and other medical-industrial scientific research projects, and strive to achieve major achievements in various medical disciplines. Application results.

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