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Integration of Vocational Education, Production and Education

Enterprises cooperate with vocational colleges to establish and operate talent training projects, aiming to make full use of social education resources and order-based training of reserve talents with solid job capabilities. Through a unified cooperation goal, a deepened cooperation model and a good school-enterprise cooperation relationship, a win-win situation for enterprises, vocational colleges and students is realized. Through school-enterprise cooperation, colleges and universities can target enterprises to cultivate demand-oriented talents, and at the same time solve the problem of college talent output and the lack of enterprise skilled talents. Enterprises reversely provide colleges with more solutions in training content, training organization and training methods.

Cooperation Case

"In-depth integration of intelligent manufacturing, school-enterprise cooperation and collaborative education" Seminar on Smart Manufacturing

Guangdong Industry-Education Integration Promotion Association, Guangdong Technical Normal University, Guangzhou Creative Education Technology Co., Ltd., Xinyi Vocational and Technical School, Heyuan Polytechnic School, Zhongshan Modern Vocational and Technical School, Qingyuan Industry and Trade Vocational and Technical School, Shunde District, Foshan City Leaders of many vocational colleges from Ronggui Vocational and Technical School and Liuzhou No. 1 Vocational and Technical School came to the headquarters to discuss the integration of production and education and collaborative education.

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