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Curriculum resource development

In order to meet the needs of professional positions in intelligent manufacturing enterprises, it integrates the WJP direct-injection color multi-material 3D printing technology of Saina, and customizes a professional curriculum system that combines work and learning. According to professional teaching standards, combined with the talent training program of vocational colleges, highlighting professional characteristics and advantages, building an integrated 3D printing comprehensive training course system, providing corresponding curriculum resources, applicable majors are: industrial design, mold design and manufacturing, material molding and Control technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and other related professional directions, clinical medicine, rehabilitation treatment technology and other related professional directions.

Course development process

  •  Needs analysis: obtain information and materials, confirm learning objects, confirm course objectives, confirm course duration, confirm course outline, confirm other needs

  •  Plan writing: confirm whether the content is accurate, confirm the review opinions twice, provide missing materials, confirm the plan and finalize

  •  Resource production: textbook writing, courseware PPT production, micro lesson video production, teaching animation production

  •  Platform integration: timely modify feedback, confirm and send electronic course package

Cooperation Case

Saina Institute of Education combines the talent training program of vocational colleges

Combining the talent training program of vocational colleges, Saina Education Research Institute highlights professional characteristics and advantages, builds an integrated 3D printing comprehensive training course system, develops a series of textbooks and supporting training work pages for mechanical design, art design, and launches Online model case sharing cloud lecture hall.

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