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Professional event organization

Based on the concept of interpreting the work process orientation of vocational education, organize competitions around the requirements of multiple professional talents in the process of product update and iteration and production equipment transformation and upgrading in the additive manufacturing application industry and enterprises to lead and promote the education and industry of vocational colleges , Schools and enterprises, professional settings and professional posts, course materials and professional standards for professional construction. Based on WJP direct-injection color multi-material 3D printing technology, combined with the skills, technology, craftsmanship and production concepts of different professions and industries, through the competition, the students' comprehensive skills and professional knowledge of additive manufacturing are displayed, and the knowledge theory and career are promoted. Combination of skills, with the goal of building a team of high-quality professional and skilled personnel, for the industry and enterprises to train highly skilled personnel for additive manufacturing applications with the characteristics of the new manufacturing technology era.

Cooperation Case

China's First Vocational Skills Competition and the 46th World Championships Additive Manufacturing Project Henan Trial

As the technical support unit of this event, Saina 3D provides pre-match technical training for the contestants. The training content covers general introduction of the competition, analysis of technical points, 3D scanner operation training, printing slice software operation, 3D printer practical operation, etc. Self-developed 3D printing equipment as a special equipment for competitions provides efficient and powerful support for the output of contestants' works.

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